Social. Magic.

Ripple uses Bluetooth, Machine Learning, and other tech to facilitate proximity-based communication (~50-75 meters) for college students.

Our Mission

Real Connection. That’s our mission. We aim to engage users in spontaneous and meaningful connection through a simplified and secure platform. Ripple gives your social presence, quite literally, a ripple effect on every user within Bluetooth range. We’re not here to keep you mindlessly scrolling––we are here to support you in making real life connections that ripple into decreased screen time.

We Believe in the Power of Hello

A new way to say “hello world.” We’re big believers that a simple hello can lead to a million things. Whether it’s making a life-long friend, meeting your future spouse, or creating a powerful business connection, it all starts with saying hello. And you never know who’s around you. Well... you didn’t until now.

Living with COVID

COVID has undoubtedly increased social hesitancy, and it's unclear when life will return to normal. To combat this, Ripple provides a safer way to connect––because we still believe that there is something beautiful about randomly connecting with new people.

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